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As our business continues to grow, so to do the employment opportunities within our organisation with both new full time and part-time positions being created on a regular basis. As such we are also one of the largest stakeholders for schools and local tertiary providers offering on the job training and career pathways for our local youth.

We actively promote in-house training and external professional development opportunities for all levels of staff. This has helped us to have a high level of retention of quality employees, with many of our upper management team having been promoted from within the organisation.

This development also adds value to the greater hospitality and tourism industry as staff take up opportunities with other local businesses due to the transferable skills developed during their tenures here at Wairakei Resort Taupo

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Land & Water Stewardship

Wairakei Resort Taupo is proud to be a uniquely self-sufficient operation. The resort has and continues to introduce measures to reduce, recycle and measure waste and energy consumption on a scale that is unprecedented for a New Zealand accommodation provider.

Sewerage treatment facilities: We operate our own sewerage treatment facility on site processing and distributing domestic waste from the resort back into the land via soakage fields. We also use this plant to treat the sewerage from neighbouring businesses including the Huka Prawn Park, assisting them to operate sustainably into the future.

Water Treatment facilities: We also operate our own water treatment plant taking water from the Waikato River and, through a process of cleaning and filtering, bring this up to perfect drinking standards for our guests to enjoy. Our water treatment facility also provides this service to neighbouring businesses such as the Wairakei Terraces, assisting them to operate sustainably into the future.

Renewable Energy: The resort utilises the area’s natural geothermal steam resource to provide a significant portion of the energy required to heat the resort, pools and facilities. All our energy consumption is recorded and monitored and used to ensure sustainable future planning, conservation and education of staff.

Forestry block: A large percentage (27.5 Ha) of the property is dedicated to forestry. This forest block helps to offset our carbon emissions. As certain areas are milled and cleared these are also replanted in a variety of trees, including New Zealand natives (e.g. along the geothermal stream that runs through the property).

We believe that our corporate responsibility goes beyond our resort boundaries and we endeavour to co-operate with our neighbours and our suppliers to continue developing our business in a sustainable manner.

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Department heads across the organisation together with our purchasing department seek products and services of local origin that are environmentally benign. The cleaning products predominantly used at the resort are environmentally friendly as are our room amenities. The recent move to dispensing bathroom amenities from miniature plastic bottles is also an example of how the resort continues to decrease its consumption of plastics and non-biodegradables.

The company not only meets all existing environmental laws and regulations; but goes beyond the status quo seeking techniques and approaches to position our organisation ahead of the competition. Paper straws, reusable beverage cups for staff and a preference for compostable (e.g. bamboo, paper and plant-based) containers and utensils are examples of the actions we take to minimise our environmental footprint.

Local sourcing of goods and services has a large impact on the region’s economy given the ongoing increasing spend of the resort across all sectors, whilst reducing the environmental footprint of having to transport products long distances to and from the resort.

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As one of the larger employers in the region we have a social responsibility to our wider community and take this role seriously. The resort is a major economic contributor to the Taupō district with salaries and wages of almost $5 million being re-injected into the local economy on an annual basis.

Wairakei Resort Taupo is also a financial and in-kind sponsor to many local organisations, events and charitable initiatives. The following are just a few examples of the numerous community initiatives that Wairakei Resort Taupo supports regularly:

• Bike Taupo: Wairakei Resort Taupo is a financial sponsor of Bike Taupo enabling them to continue to improve the local trail and riding network. Resort land has also been developed with Bike Taupo for public use and the resort grounds are provided free of charge for their marquee fundraising event Craters Classic. The work of Bike Taupo has substantial economic benefit to our town, as well as health and wellbeing benefits for our local community.

• Greening Taupo: The resort has been part of this environmental planting and trapping project in the Taupo district via funding and in-kind contributions since its inception. Staff are encouraged to contribute their time to participate in these planting projects and resort land has been used for replanting projects that were funded by events being held on site.

• Women’s Refuge Taupo Food Bank Appeal: Resort staff run the annual Wairakei Village food bank appeal, using company vehicles and employees to collect and distribute non-perishable food items every Christmas to those in need and donating to the appeal from our kitchens.

• Taupo Hospice: On a regularly basis we dedicate resort staff time to help the Lake Taupo Hospice behind the scenes at the local shop. We also provide staff. in-kind and prize contributions for their annual fundraising event – The Creative Catwalk.

The team also offers sponsorship by way of cash, prize and in-kind contributions to numerous other local and national charities, individuals and organisations with an annual budget dedicated to supporting such initiatives.

Members of the resort management team are also on local and industry boards in order to give back to the community that supports us.

Photo Credits: Love Taupo

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